Is Life a Video Game?

Have you ever mistaken a Dream for Reality? Are you sure that both simulations are not included in one of them we attribute credibility by defining it real?

The theory of predetermination is based on no less solid foundations than the theory of relativity. The problem is to recognize that we are mere pawns in a game that has already been determined and, who knows, perhaps already happened, it is difficult to understand and above all to make our Ego “pay”.

The illusion/desire of the “Free Will” and of power, therefore, in some way, changes things pushes us to reject the idea that it must be simple “pawns” to manipulate and our whole Universe, in reality, is simply part of a program already written and that objectively real has nothing. 

For this reason, I direct who has a more open mind and tries to put aside the ego and the illusion of being special. It is not my intention to change the way of thinking of others but simply to invite to consider different possibilities which, perhaps, show the world in a different way.

We start from the idea that there is no possibility (objectively testable) that can determine with certainty that there is a real and objective world outside of our mind. This thought would, therefore, imply the only existence of subjective realities. I open my eyes and in front of me, I see a table … That table is actually the projection of something inside my mind … If I didn’t have eyes and I didn’t have a system made in a certain way and that processes that information … I would not see that table or would see it differently.
If I approach the table and “touch” it, I can determine its surface … the point, however, is that I cannot really touch that table. The negative charge of the atoms that form that “table” collides with the negative charge of my epidermis and the resistance that is created is a signal that “my brain” will interpret as “Touch”.

Any noise that we actually hear is simply a movement of air that emits vibrations that “our brain” will receive through the ears and interpret it as … “Sound / Noise” …

What we perceive as reality is a process that involves our consciousness.

Humans have a genetic code ...

they are formed by Atoms and Electrons … and as well as the human body, any element present on Earth and probably in the Universe … We are simply codes …. codes change and forms and actions change. Just like in a videogame, we are simply codes.

Is there anyone who can say that the characters of a video game do not have a conscience? …. “

we do not have a valid method to recognize consciousness when it cannot be communicated “ (Giulio Tononi, one of the greatest exponents and scholars of Neuroscience) …this concept could be extended to plants, stones, and anything. Therefore, not having a method to recognize Consciousness when it is not communicated, we cannot say with absolute certainty that any other living being or any object does not have one only because we do not receive a “communication”

Let us now return to perceived (and therefore non-objective) reality. If it is true that there is no objective reality but there is simply an objective reality, it is also true that until we perceive something, it can exist as it can not exist and, even, it can exist and not exist at the same time. The superposition principle is the first postulate of quantum mechanics.

(To understand certain concepts, however, it is necessary to have based on Quantum Mechanics on which I will not be able to dwell but it will be enough to be documented through specific texts.)
One of the principles on which quantum mechanics is based has the basis on the “Double Slit” experiment ( ) In practice, to sum up, “reality” is formed when the particles collapse through observation. Translated into simpler words…until I look at the table …. this does not exist..or better, it exists and does not exist at the same time. I also refer to Schrodinger’s cat experiment ( le ger )

For the reasons mentioned above, there exists (Subjectively) only what we perceive (observe) at a given moment through our senses … which can also extend to thoughts (which we could define as a sixth sense) if they are so strong as to influence radically our behavior. (Think of schizophrenic for example)

Let’s think about a video game.The videogame character (which could be me) is at a certain point … he is walking on a road and sees a certain number of things (cars, people, buildings, shops, etc, etc) … the computer will be intent to render (give shape) to any object that is perceived / observed or perceivable by me but …. it will not give any shape to scenarios that are found elsewhere … Let’s say that the possibility that they exist when I will remain standing I will perceive them… They will exist and will not exist, therefore, at the same time… Let’s say that there will be the prerogatives for which they exist when I decide to perceive them. Imagine, for example, that I am walking in a road A … the computer will not render anything in the parallel road B (not observed) but if I change my way and go to road B … here the computer will stop rendering my reality on road A and will render another on-road B.

The same can be said if I look at an object … I look at it in its entirety I will see many elements but their definition will not be very high … the moment I decide to focus on a point and I will approach to look at it in-depth, everything else will disappear and will increase the definition of the details of that point..

Just like a computer processor does to save memory … you cannot have the maximum definition looking at the totality of what surrounds us because there is not enough memory.

According to quantum mechanics, none of the 10 (elevated to the 80th) subatomic objects that make up the observable universe have real existence or actual motion. The only real things, quantum theory insists, are the observed events that emerge from the indistinct possibilities that always exist

 (“Beyond Biocentrism”: Robert Lanza)

Einstein claimed that the speed of light cannot be overcome and demonstrated the profound correlation between speed and time. If hypothetically, we reached the speed of light, time (compared to us) would stop and, hypothetically, we could travel from one Galaxy to another in an instant … We could travel from Galaxy A to Galaxy B without even crossing the space between the 2 galaxies, just like electrons do when they change orbit.

The experiment on entangled pairs of particles showed an incredible oddity…2 entangled particles (1 photon divided into 2) communicate with each other, wherever they are, instantly … INSTANTLY …. this means that the communication speed would be considerably greater than that of light. ( ) Einstein was not very happy with this…
To give a very banal example on the experiment: Imagine that the 2 particles are dice whose numbers, once rolled will have to give 7. We know that when the observer observes a particle, this collapses, therefore … although before the observation this could give any number and all at the same time …. at the moment in which this is observed, the particle collapses and will give a number… The point is that at the moment in which I will observe a particle placed in a galaxy and this will give 5… INSTANTLY the other will give 2 and their sum will be 7! How is this rapid correlation possible? Einstein was wrong and the speed of light can be greatly exceeded or … is there anything else?

Something else could be that the particle, even before being observed …. already knows when the observer will observe it and therefore …. the same also applies to the other entangled particle found in the other galaxy. .. Ergo… Is everything already predestined? .. This was the only explanation that Einstein was able to formulate. … It ‘s all already, somehow …. it happened and we, we are simply reliving it in “late” but … we will not be able to change anything of what has happened as it has already happened?

Of course, to say that we were simply the result of a program (video game) would have been almost “Blasphemous”!

Let’s think about statistics … How could we foresee events if these had not already happened? …. or already predetermined? Do we really believe there is any magic (math) that can predict, albeit roughly the future?
Let’s think about time travel. Science (including Einstein) states that, hypothetically, by reaching or approaching the speed of light, we could travel forward in time… Now … how can we go on in time if events have not yet happened? … However, if everything was already predetermined then going forward would simply speed up the vision of something already “Planned or Planned” A little bit like speeding up the vision of a film that has already been shot or skip reading some pages of a book ….. perhaps, therefore we are perceiving late events already occurred?

1) Reality is simply that perceived 2) Reality is formed only when it is observed 3) We are not able to determine (objectively) whether a character of a videogame has consciousness or not because we are unable to communicate with it 4) anything can be traced back to a code 5) It is likely that everything is already predetermined or even already occurred

Can we then say with certainty that we are not part of a videogame?

Everything that surrounds us is a set of codes that “collapse” and therefore take shape when they are observed. Exactly how video games work. We feel we have a conscience and we can’t deny that the characters in a video game don’t feel the same. When a Video Game character passes certain goals, he moves on to later levels of the video game (Evolutionary Theory but applied to video games) .The game codes are already written and cannot be violated …. everything is already predetermined and free will does not exist except in the illusion of each of us …. to feel free and capable of being able to change the fate of the own destiny …

Probably accept the fact that Bil Gates is where it is simply because that was his destiny/program and was therefore already written and, another entrepreneur better than him and who worked twice as hard is jobless because that was written in his destiny /program…it would bring us closer to peace … taking off the blame and remorse for things done and not done….perché colpa e merito non possono esistere in un mondo già programmato e predeterminato. Probabilmente in questo modo non ci domanderemmo più per quale motivo c’è gente che nasce opulente e altra che muore di fame…perché ci sono le malattie etc…

Conspiracy thinking (Conspiracy) would be justified by the fact that there seems to be a gigantic pattern in so many things that happen simultaneously that seem unstoppable like a tide … but not because there is a group of Elite people who have agreed … rather and, more simply, because it is already all predetermined and part of an already defined design ( and probably happened) which appears to be engineered by intelligent minds (but to which you don’t want to give the face of a “video game programmer of the Universe because for most of us life would lose its meaning)..

.in which there is no room for free choice but simply for accepting the facts simply as inevitable …

Perhaps the most “careful” ….. will realize this logic but the only way to justify it is through conspiracy rather than through the theory of predetermination. that would deprive the human being of any possibility of Free Will

Hallucination is an uncontrolled perception, perception is a controlled hallucination
Anil Seth (Neurocognitive Scientist)


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