A day in Krakow

Traveling is always exciting for me. I love changes in any form. Traveling brings me to meet new people, observe different behaviors, enjoy new dishes … A multitude of sensory experiences that I could not try remaining always in the same place.

In December (December 2019) Krakow is very cold. I would say that the cold of Poland, in some ways, at the same temperature is colder than others ….. cold ­čÖé For this reason, in addition to a small walk in the center (among other things very nice), we decided to dedicate ourselves to visiting places to above all entertain the sense of taste and smell.

The classic Christmas market in the main square, the white carriages with white horses, the well-covered people who crowd the streets. Lots of young people and lots of street food.

I try to regulate myself with food, to have a healthy life but when I am on a pleasure trip, “I limit my limits” ­čÖé Mirka does not eat gluten and is a vegetarian, therefore, we looked for places that offered vegetable and gluten-free options.


The first visit was to Mi─ů┼╝sz – Panini & Juices. A small place, quite in the center. You can drink fresh juices and there are options of sandwiches and pizzas with vegetables and gluten-free as well as a decent assortment of cakes. (The Carrot one is very good and not super sugary and the pear one is also good but fairly sweet)

The second view was to get us a relaxing tea and we chose the Czarka Tearoom. Always in a fairly central position. Warm atmosphere, high wooden ceiling. Lots of varieties of tea. Quiet environment with about 8 tables. It is also a tea shop. There are no sweets.

The third visit was to Pod Norenami – Oriental Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant. Excellent variety of dishes (very many) and also abundant. We are really satisfied and everything has been well served.

The next day, before leaving and leaving Krakow, we went to the Chimera for breakfast. A very nice place, “Nature” Self Service style. A good choice. In winter it is a bit cold because of the large window as a roof through which you can observe the sky.