The Disinformation of Multi Information

In the name of the “Maximum expression of Free Thought” today we are faced with a very large number of “sources of information”. Are we really sure that this system is better than what it once was, in some systems, called “Regime Information”, monopolized by a government and manipulated and apt to manipulate?

Today, more than ever, the hunt for “Headlines” is going crazy. We propose an “Impacting Title” that will catch the attention and that will probably reflect very partially the content of the article. We could say that we are in the era of  “Impacting Titles Information”

A study of 2016 claimed that 60% mass share articles only on the basis of the Title, without even reading them. This attitude tends to increase with the number of sources of information. The greater the “Information Sources” the greater the phenomenon becomes. I would say that today we are well above that 60%. Furthermore, almost 80% of the population, on the other hand, does not check the accuracy of the articles, also checking from other sources.

The “Impacting Title” is, therefore, an excellent tool for Information Marketing as it is thanks to it, much more than to the content, that we manage to have shared. Engagement is the key to marketing.

There is a lot of talk about financial maneuvers. Every day a newspaper or an article with a headline: They will put this tax, they will remove this, they will do this, they will do that, they will not do this, etc, etc … In the end … I don’t really know what they have and what they have not done. Every day news and the day after counter news but in the end, we do not know what really happened. We are convinced that one measure has been taken while in reality another has been taken. The media competed for “readers” / shares showing off headlines that then led to articles that almost always spoke only on the conditional.

It is clear that this situation is convenient for some people precisely because it creates a great deal of confusion. Nothing is understood and in the chaos of collective ignorance and inflation of information, corrupt politics (and not only) benefits. It often happens that a politician, to advertise himself, claims to want to make a law. All the media publish the “Impacting Title” but the law is not even presented in Parliament.

However, the “Impacting Title” will remain in the mind of the mass and considering that in Italy 90% of the population does not read the Official Gazette, it will continue to think that that law has been approved. We are in total chaos of “information” and the advent of social media has amplified the phenomenon exponentially. By now the information of the mass is based on Tweets, and on Facebook posts made by “information” channels, bloggers, influencers, politicians …

To all this, we add the fact that there are companies that pay ordinary people, (without a relevant CV), 3/4 euro per hour to write articles to resell to journalistic sites and then be published (with the impacting Title)...beh, you will understand that an individual who earns 3/4 euro an hour will not be bumped much for the creation of true and well-structured information but in many cases he will just translate (with the help of online translators maybe) and will fuck here and there articles written in other languages and by other authors (who may have done the same thing?). This is why very often, in addition to the limited content, you can see gross grammatical errors even in the articles (and sometimes also in the article titles) of national newspapers! (Yes, those who receive grants from the state with tax money from its taxpaying citizens!)

A few days ago Donald Trump said that the US had the highest retail sales growth of all time (3.4%). Trump now averages 80 tweets a day! It matters little if a couple of media denied the claim by reporting numbers and dates during which sales had grown the most…The mass incorporated tweets. Probably for the simple fact that some lines are easier to analyze and record than a long and detailed article. 

We are a group of “Conscious Consciousnesses” who seek the truth in a way that suits them best. The uncomfortable truth and/or that clashes with one’s belief and one’s Ego must be discarded. An Impacting Title or a Tweet gives an immediate idea of a concept (it doesn’t matter if the contents then, in detail, diverge) and this makes it easily accepted or rejected.

The “Free Information” then collides with the algorithms of the technological platforms.

Does Google or Facebook prefer to give visibility to those who pay or to those who offer truly neutral content but have no economic power? The answer is obvious given the fact that both Google and Facebook are companies whose primary (declared) aim is to invoice through advertising.

Here then we are faced with a multiverse of information highlighted or hidden by multimedia platforms whose imperative is to invoice that only creates confusion and instead of informing it misinforms.

It is clear that the fault is not only on one side (the media) but must be divided into two. The other part is from the mass. For those who know English, here is an article  in which an author confesses as one of his articles, whose link, due to a publication error, did not lead to any content, has been commented and shared more than 2000 times … despite being EMPTY !!

But let’s not underestimate “Gurus” and “Influencers” … Individuals who, thanks to the media power that gives them popularity, are transformed into “guides” who literally influence the lifestyle of the masses. A statement made by an “Influencer” will have great value for those who follow it. That’s why influencers are paid by sponsors to advertise products …. Buying a product because the Influencer X has talked about it well after being paid by the company that produces and/or sells it to talk about it well, it would seem a paradox but in the modern era, however, it is a custom. The “Influencers” and the “Gurus” are also part of the multiple and chaotic channels of information that it misinforms. The fault, however, is largely also of those who follow them. (Relazione di Dipendenza tra Potente e Debole

The Media chaos is a much more powerful weapon than ignorance due to a lack of information. Those who are ignorant of a lack of information will hardly interact on arguments they do not know, which concerns politics or physics or whatever. On the contrary, today, the inflation of “Impacting Titles” and Tweet has created a “culture” that I would call “Social Culture” thanks to which an increasing number of individuals feel able to face any type of argument. Once you incorporate 1000 Politics Titles, you could easily be a politician … with 1000 Science Titles, you could aspire to a nice Nobel Prize or comment and/or dissert wisely any article that goes from quantum mechanics to materialist Physics to the missions on Moon.

You have no idea how many times I have read commentators of Science articles who dealt with arguments concerning quantum mechanics and who obviously had no idea what they were talking about but, with the help of Wikipedia and the Internet, they drew real-time information for to be able to refute certain statements which, in their opinion and according to their beliefs, were uncomfortable.

Although he described the context in an ironic key, the situation is serious as the Impacting Titles and the Tweet become almost like continuous subliminal messages (although, in reality, they are not subliminal) that bomb the brain of a mass of individuals who do not dwell in-depth on the value and content of the articles (dedicating them some time). This is why, although there is no objective truth, this type of perception of information creates distortions that tend to uniform and, therefore, manipulate the perception of the masses with extreme ease.

Information based on Impacting Titles, as mentioned before, has a similar approach to that of subliminal messages. Although Titles and Tweets are not subliminal messages, their very high number related to the context makes them almost negligible individually. I know individuals who share dozens of articles with an Impacting Title suited to them. It is very likely that, consciously, after a few weeks they will no longer remember what they shared. The point is, however, those headlines and tweets were recorded by the mind and formed a line of thought. The same applies to those who read only without sharing “compulsively”

Do not underestimate the phenomenon of “Media Tides” which in English I would define as “Tide Information”. Do you know when it seems that the “information” media agree and publish the same topics concerning the main topic? (which could be the Plastic or the fires in the Amazon or the railway accidents …) The mass then continually shares news regarding the main theme chosen by the media … the phenomenon lasts for about 1 month and then, magically, the media pose attention on another theme and the mass forgets the precedent that so much “fervor” and “parlor activism” had aroused.

Therefore, do not think that multichannel information that comes from multiple sources is synonymous with freedom of thought because, considering that the credibility of a source is given by its popularity, popularity is bought by those who have more money. The individual has only the “choice” to embrace information or not. Find out more or not

Derren Brown, in this video, shows advertisers how subliminal messaging works.

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