Origins of the Universe: the Useless Search

“If you try to understand the whole universe, you won’t understand anything. If you try to understand yourself, you will understand the whole universe.” (cit.)

The “Desperate Search” of the “Origins” of the Universe is marked by an infinite number of theories which after a time are reviewed, changed, reconstructed.

“The contradictions between predictions and observations of the Big Bang theory are by no means limited to what has been widely called a” crisis of cosmology. “Despite the continuing popularity of the theory, virtually every prediction of the Big Bang theory has always been more contradicted by better and better data, as demonstrated by many teams of researchers. The observations are, however, consistent with an expanding universe that does not have a Big Bang. The real crisis of cosmology is that the Big Bang never happened. “( THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE AGAINST THE BIG BANG )

The point is that there are 2 practically insurmountable problems.

The first is that we cannot go against our “logic” and the second is that we are unable to demonstrate that there is an objective reality outside of our “Conscious Consciousness”

We were “born” and, therefore, it is extremely difficult for us to imagine something that has always existed. Moreover, what does “always” mean?

Time is simply a concept created by human beings. There is no “objective time”. Time is variable. It varies with gravity (Time flows more slowly in the presence of greater gravity as this curve space/time), changes according to the observer’s point of view, changes as a function of speed … In short, time is simply an invented reference to somehow justify the “before” and “after”. The way our “logic” works takes time. Time sorts events. Time justifies movement because when an object from point A passes to point B we can indicate A as the past. Timeless many of our landmarks would end and our “logic” would go into chaos

The point is that the “before” and “after” would not exist if we only observed the Universe around us as a set of “frames” that appear to us and each “frame” in “reality” was considered for what it is. The reality is in itself relative to a given moment whose “temporal continuity” is given only by our mind. That is simply the result of the collapse of the particles that make up the matter at the moment in which it is observed by a Conscious Consciousness. That is to say that every “thing” that we observe is part of a reality in itself that is created exactly in the instant of its observation. The “Before” and the “after” are irrelevant as we ourselves, moment after moment, are different and belong to different realities. Our logic, however, for the way it works, needs to establish time frames capable of defining events through the passage of what, for convenience, has been called “time”. 

The search for an “Origin”, therefore, would not make sense because the Universe could simply be the result of a “Conscious Observation” made in a given instant (whose measurement is irrelevant considering the fact that time is a simple invention) and that makes the particles collapse, thus giving them shape. ( Il Big Bang ha origine ogni volta che prendiamo Coscienza

The second insurmountable “problem” is given by the fact that it is not possible to demonstrate the existence of an “Objective Universe” outside our mind. The “Expanding” Universe may simply be the result of higher levels of Consciousness. We could even meet the “Aliens” but these could simply be the result of a meeting made during a journey within our Consciousness. (Viaggiamo solo all’Interno della Coscienza Consapevole) We could see God, the Ghosts, Santa Claus … Our Conscious Consciousness (Observation) creates the mass and any mass created by our “Conscious Consciousness” is subjectively real

The search for the Origin of “our” Universe is like an introspective search. When we reflect on our thoughts, emotions, and memories and examine what they mean, we are engaged in introspection. Introspection as a research technique. Introspective Research searches for the origins and meaning of our subjective “reality”. In practice, “Space Research” or the Search for the Origin of the Universe could be equated to an introspective research done by Conscious Consciousness. (“We like to imagine traveling in space …. crossing the solar system to the most distant galaxies. But what if this “journey” was simply made within our mind?)

There is nothing we can “see” that does not include at least one of our 5 senses. Even the observation machines that we create must be able to transform the perceived signals into signals perceivable by our senses. It matters little what an electron microscope observes if it is not then observed by a “Conscious Consciousness” like an electron microscope, alone it will not be able to photograph or see anything . The matter is formed only when it is observed by a Conscious Consciousness and therefore, the image of the microscope, to “materialize” must be observed by a “Conscious Consciousness”.

For the above 2 “problems”, we will always run in an infinite loop. We will create theories and destroy them to create others until we accept the fact that the universe originates when we become aware of it. That is to say at the moment in which we observe it consciously. It is a bit like reaching inner peace to accept the fact that we cannot go outside of our consciousness and cannot see without conscious consciousness. Around the corner of the house, anything can happen but until my conscious consciousness somehow perceives it, nothing has happened in my subjective reality. 

At the same time, if my Conscious Consciousness tells me that I am an Alien, in my subjective reality I will be an alien and anyone who does not believe me, will simply be a fool.

For now, I would conclude by saying that long before looking for an “Origin” of everything we should be able to prove that there really is an objective reality and that the Universe out there is not the simple fruit of our mind, turned off which also that Universe will disappear.

If it were possible to demonstrate the fact that we and the whole universe around us are the results of a Conscious Consciousness at a later time we could try to alter it and, in this way, change our nature for the better, defeat diseases, end with wars. Until this can be demonstrated, any journey we take could be a journey within our mind and, therefore, we will never stop finding new planets, discovering new diseases, new life forms …. as it will be the same mind, as in an immense universe of dreams to create them continuously and without end. The expanding universe, therefore, could be a metaphor for defining an infinite or better … the infinite generator of dreams (and therefore of objects) in relation to our concept of space and above all of the time.

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Photo Editing and Composition: Giorgio Lo Cicero