Consciousness creates matter. Can the alteration of Consciousness change human nature and the Universe surrounding it?

The Universe that we perceive (generically observe) is the result of conscious awareness. We are able to “observe” the “external” world only through the 5 senses. The moment we were deprived of the 5 senses we would not be able to perceive and, above all, transmit and communicate what we perceive/observe.

Could we say we have a Conscious Consciousness when we lose all 5 senses? We are unable to determine it because we can claim to be in front of a conscious conscious being only when he is able, in some way, to communicate it to us.

Imagine walking along a beach, parallel to the sea. The moment I closed my eyes, I would begin to walk zigzagging as I would lose the visual perception of the beach. There would be the other senses that would try to compensate for the lack of sight. I would try, for example, through hearing to perceive the sound of the sea to understand if I get too close to it or if I move away from it and in this way I would try to maintain a straight path. If I also lost my hearing, things would get complicated. If I lose all 5 senses, I probably won’t be able to determine where I am anymore. I wouldn’t feel anything anymore.

It is probable that an individual who has however lived a life or even a small part of it, with 1 or more senses, has formed his conscious consciousness and when all the senses were missing, the brain would continue to elaborate a parallel life in the form of dreams that refer to “images” already “observed,” and stored in the brain “database” such as to create a parallel Conscious Consciousness although this cannot be communicated.

Once we are born and have the first perception (thanks to our senses) we have an “imprinting”. Like a “Baptism of Awareness”. Somehow we see the Universe “that surrounds us. Brain development, then, as time goes on, will begin to process the perceived images in an increasingly” evolved “way. For this reason, once we have had the initial imprinting, even if all the senses fail, we could continue to have a Consciousness. The interesting problem to be discovered would be what kind of Consciousness can develop an individual who is born devoid of the 5 senses and unable to receive imprinting. could be given by the in vitro creation of a brain, devoid of any system of perception of the “external” world. Would it generate some form of Consciousness? Clearly, precisely because of the impossibility of being able to have any kind of response from an individual in these conditions, we would be able to respond. ( “Researchers developed miniaturized versions of the brain (through the cultivation of cells that, in many ways, even act as complete brains, offering scientists the rare opportunity to study human functional brain tissue

Quantum mechanics tells us that the creation of matter occurs when an observer (Conscious Consciousness), through conscious observation, collapses an x ​​number of particles at a given instant, thus giving rise to the creation of matter relative to that precise moment.

This means that the formation of matter is subordinated to a conscious observation relative to a specific space-time segment.

Many times, in this blog, I have affirmed that it is not possible to be able to demonstrate that there is an objective reality outside our mind (that is, our Conscious Consciousness).

Since we are unable to demonstrate the existence of an objective Universe outside our mind, it is very likely that our Conscious Consciousness is the “creator” of the Universe that we perceive and to which we shape thanks to it.

There are 2 possibilities:

1) The conscious Consciousness that shapes our subjective Universe creates matter in the same way that our mind creates dreams.

2) Conscious Consciousness, through the senses, perceives a real objective world to which it gives a subjective form.

The second point will be addressed in another dedicated post.

As for the first point, if our conscious Consciousness is able to create the Universe with the same mechanism with which the mind creates dreams, we could think that Consciousness creates what surrounds us. Flowers, other living things, rivers, seas, mountains but also diseases, earthquakes, wars, etc., etc.

This means that if we could understand the origin of our consciousness and if we were able to get to the “generator code” of it, we could somehow alter it and eliminate everything that we consider bad and that does not make us live peacefully. Diseases, tragedies… 

Just like in “lucid dreams”( Lucid Dreams ). A lucid dream is defined as a dream during which dreamers while dreaming, are aware of dreaming. In this way, the dreamer can actively and consciously interact with the dream. It no longer becomes a passive subject but can alter it consciously. In the same way, if you could “become aware of Conscious Consciousness”, perhaps, you could manipulate it just as you do with lucid dreams.

We would no longer be passive “subjects” but we would become active “subjects”. Conscious Consciousness would no longer create a “random” Universe in which phenomena and events manifest themselves without being controlled but would build a Universe in a Conscious way and so that it can be actively managed.

The problem is how to manage and direct Conscious Consciousness and this problem could only be overcome by knowing how it is generated .

Is there a Conscious Consciousness Universal that creates billions of “egoic sub consciousnesses (living beings)?” Or is there only one Conscious Consciousness that generates the Whole?

It is very probable that the answer to these questions cannot be given through the “conventional sciences” or through the “space missions” (also the result of Consciousness itself)

(We only travel within the Conscious Consciousness ). The Space Missions, in fact, could only be journeys within our mind which, as with the mechanism of dreams, could create infinitely new elements (planets, black holes, galaxies) … It would, therefore, be an endless search as endless is the production of new elements through dreams. Let’s not forget that time is simply a human invention and is absolutely relative. For this reason, although for us an interstellar journey can be 1000 light-years long, in reality, for the dreamer and creator mind of that journey, the time elapsed could be simply a few seconds.

For this reason, the search for the source of Conscious Consciousness should be done within Consciousness itself. Maybe through meditation and deep introspection. We could call it a journey without spaceships and much more complex, within our “mind” and in search of the code that generates the Conscious Consciousness Universal and in order to be able to modify it. 

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