Commemorating does not reduce hatred. On the contrary, it can even increase it.

The “external” world is the reflection of our mental processes. Everything that happens “outside” actually happens within us. We could define the “external” universe as a replica of our “internal” universe. Nothing happens in the “external world” that does not happen at the same time in the “internal” world of our mind and according to its rules.
Our psyche has a real internal government, just like the governments that we have created/projected in the external world.
When Jung said that symptoms are the guerilla warfare of the psyche, he meant that the oppressed aspects of the self don’t acquiesce; they sabotage.
As in actual sabotage, things get worse when the government is totalitarian or autocratic when it impairs the healthy modes of protest, which include
free speech and the right to complain.
People who banish certain thoughts are more likely to become symptomatic. There aren’t a lot of pure tyrants in the political world, but they are quite
common in the individual psychologies of our fellow humans. ( What Political System Rules Your Psyche? )

We tend to replicate internal systems. We find ourselves in front of individuals we love, who we hate, who are indifferent to us who are nice or unpleasant. Each of them is part of ourselves and of our Conscious Consciousness. The person we hate is the part we hate about us, the one we love is the part we think is best, etc. etc. In practice, we confront ourselves daily. We interrelate with the infinite facets of our “psyche”. We judge them, we are judged, we love them and we hate them.

How many times have you had terrible thoughts and said to yourself: “What the hell did I think of”? Thoughts are very often uncontrollable. This is the reason why “Terrorism”, “Hate”, “Wars” will never end. Precisely because our “bad” thoughts tend to form continuously, the way we face them is what makes the difference.

Jung, as we have already seen, stated that “People who banish certain thoughts are more likely to become symptomatic

This means that “bad” thinking should not be censored but should be addressed constructively.

If we accept the fact that Terrorism, Nazism, the Mafia, and hatred, in general, we create them and they are the fruit of our mind, we will have taken the most important step. Just as “involuntary” bad thoughts cannot be controlled, terrorism, racism, hatred … cannot be controlled. They happen naturally because that’s the way human nature is. Repressing them would be even more deleterious as it would amplify their magnitude. The only way to “fight” them is to accept the fact that they are part of human nature and that less emphasis we will give them less will be the effect they will have in our life … We should not, however, put them aside or avoid them as however, they are part of us and their denial would simply help to make them stronger and more present.

Denying or avoiding a “bad” thought linked to an event or to a place or to an argument doesn’t actually erase the problem but simply hides or hides it. It makes it more difficult for the conscious mind to reach. The subconscious, however, will have total and easy access to it as it will bypass censorship.

The complaints that our conscious “Internal Government” will apply to certain elements on a subconscious level will, therefore, be lived in a conflictual way. In practice, we may have indirect behavioral and/or even health problems due precisely to the complaints and conscious bans placed on certain topics. 

The Memorial gives us the idea of ​​doing something good and deludes us to clean up our conscience in some way. Our “Inner Government” tells us that we must repent, that we have been bad and that we must do something that reminds us forever.

Continually commemorating and erecting perennial “monuments” in our minds, on the other hand, gives enormous weight to events which, more and less, are the simple fruit of human nature. The commemoration tends to highlight more the “problem” so as to be able to give rise to further internal conflicts that arise from a rebellion against the guilty judgment. Inner conflicts are then projected into the outer world and the consequences can be devastating. 

Do you think that Nazism does not come back thanks to the thousands of monuments, plaques, plaques, and mausoleums to memory? To tell the truth and looking at today’s events, it wouldn’t seem that this works. How many tombstones and memorials to the fallen of the Mafia have been created? And yet … the mafia is alive and persisting. The Memorial is simply a simulation of repentance.

The commemorations tend to create resentment and “nostalgic” movements and make a problem persistent and perennial that should instead be remembered in a more tenuous way and should be accepted as part of human nature. Blaming ourselves for having “bad” thoughts is like blaming us for not being able to walk in the air. We must accept our nature and teach our inner government not to judge and not blame us because we exist and are human beings and not plants or mountains not by our choice. Judgment Leads to Conflict and Conflict Is Projected into the “Outer” World.

There are thousands of monuments against wars and yet … every year we invent some new wars and for each we find a justification to “clean” our conscience and our Internal Government and then, we build new monuments to feel better and in peace with ourselves. In this way nothing will never change.

For example, by simply recording and making public and accessible to all people the death statistics (and anything else) related to the War, it would be enough for it to take the right relevance in our Consciousness. Without the need to sprinkle the Earth with memorial monuments.. 

War and hatred, in general, are part of human nature. We should accept what we are, we should not hide behind an excuse and in this way, we will be able to control and reduce the violence inside us and the violence we project in the world. . 

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Photo , Editing and Composition: Giorgio Lo Cicero