The universe is programmed. Life is Codified

What we perceive as “reality” is simply a process involving our Consciousness.

Mathematics is the only “logical” language able to agree. We cannot define it as a “Universal” language as we have not had the opportunity to submit it to Alien beings from other galaxies. Moreover, it refers to the logic of human beings and therefore, even in this case, it cannot have real objective reliability.

Mathematics, however, is the only means we have that can try to read and interpret (according to our logic) what happens and is found around us.

In fact, mathematics cannot change gravity. It cannot change space-time barriers. It cannot change the rotary motion of the planets. To do this, on a purely theoretical level, it would take such a code (which probably will not be mathematical) that it changes certain values ​​… but in this way, probably also the Universe would no longer be the same.

There are over 200 parameters that had to be respected to give rise to the Solar System and the Universe as they are today (and therefore also to give rise to our “life”) . If, for example, the gravitational attraction were a thousandth less, the Sun and stars would not burn, or if the “Big Bang” had been a millionth of times more violent … All these constants of the Universe, not foreseen by any theory physics, seem to have been “chosen”, with extreme precision, to generate life on Earth and to create the Universe as it is … To think that 200 parameters coincide only for a simple chance is like “climbing on mirrors”.

If we then go deeper into the study of physics, we discover that Einstein’s relativity is incompatible with quantum mechanics. All this highlights how ephemeral are the theories on which much of modern science is based. Theories, precisely as theories, change continuously and, many of them can never be verified except in biblical times: ( A new study says that we would be wrong about the shape of the universe

Let’s now look at the universe around us.

The sun rises and sets every day. The clouds flow. Thousands of phenomena occur every moment to which we have become accustomed and we hardly notice anymore but which follow very precise dynamics … The storms, the earthquakes, the expansion of the universe, the falling star, the meteorite, the sprouts that grow …

The same routine of our life … our body that changes … the cells that are born and the diseases … Billions and Billions of events that, instant after instant, mark the flow of “life”.

Considering what has been said before, the universe around us seems to be the fruit of an “intelligent mind” … the product of a “programmer”.

We can’t change the day and night, we can’t stop the sunrise. We cannot stop the motion of the Earth. We cannot slow down or accelerate the expansion of the universe. In reality, we cannot do anything. We can simply “read” and “interpret” what happens around us.

A bit like math.

Think of 2 individuals. One born in Africa, in total poverty and another born in Silicon Valley and from a wealthy family. The former will starve and the latter will become the CEO of a billionaire Startup. This too seems to be the result of randomness … it being understood that the “failure” of an individual and the “triumph” of the other depended, in the first place, on the birth conditions that have nothing to do with their abilities of choice.

One person smokes his whole life and quietly reaches 80 years old and another who is attentive to food does not smoke, does not drink, dies at 20 years of age due to the onset of Cancer. Again, there was no choice.

If we want to believe in randomness and therefore in our ability to change events we will say luck, bad luck … if instead, we are of the idea that 200 parameters of the Universe cannot coincide so precisely for a simple chance … we will say Program designed by an intelligent mind!

Of course, to think that the 200 parameters of the Universe came to coincide by pure chance is a somewhat “naive” theory

. No scientist has yet managed to explain through “tangible” evidence what is the nature of this thing we call reality, of the universe as a whole.

In a universe where everything is programmed and predetermined, we cannot change anything. I write this post because it was scheduled. I can decide to stay home but if it is planned that I go out … something will happen and I will go out. The only thing (perhaps) that we are granted is the interpretation of events and therefore accept them or not. This will not change events but will change their perception and the way we experience them. 

But on a practical level, what changes if you embrace one theory or another?

On a practical level, it would simply change the approach to life and the result. If I think that I can determine my life and that it depends on me, I will have a life that is not very relaxing and in a constant challenge with myself and with others. For unfulfilled goals, I would tend to always blame someone … (me or the others) while in case I achieve them, my superego would risk exploding

But who is the “Programmer”?

It matters little who planned us … since we would be faced with space-time units not even understandable by our mind and, in any case, it would probably be impossible to determine it. The “Simulation” / Program may have started fifteen billion years ago, or may have been uploaded a second ago! We cannot know and nothing would change for us


If we think of Schizophrenics, we tend to consider them extremely sick people.

It is important to consider how we observe these people. It is our “normal” parameters that make us see them as disturbed, and they certainly are: but what does it prove that schizophrenics who do not have a “dysfunctional” perception that allows them to conceive Simulation for what it is?

The schizophrenic individual has a different brain, which reacts by activating other brain areas in a dysfunctional way. We can hypothesize that these subjects have a fragmented consciousness that simultaneously perceives ordered states of Simulation and other indeterminate ones, in a confusion of a Spatio-temporal character: the representations they are not subconscious but are “seen” as real facts


The interesting thing that should make us think is that this Theory has the same value as any other Scientific theory in that Science, with the current means and with the “progress” made, is absolutely unable to disassemble it. Perhaps precisely because we are closed within an infinite “Logical Loop” outside of which we cannot go as an integral part of the program itself?

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5 thoughts on “The universe is programmed. Life is Codified”

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  2. Over time of knowing information I to have become aware that everything is programmed. We don’t really have freewill. We are consciously viewing from our perspective. I’m viewing from here and you are viewing from where you are. Even what I’m writing I was programmed to write. The goodness is what would happen if the world new everything was programmed? And why is it programmed? Since there has to be a reason. Why have consciousness become aware that it is programmed? Is it to lead to a better and loving reality? Is life and the history of human kind just a story that we live? We go from imperfect and not knowing why we are here to becoming perfect and knowing why we are here. I believe we are acting out are programmed roles according to what the universe wants us to do. The universe itself is also programmed. And what whatever is the highest programmer whether it be God or the mathmathics that cause the universe to exist is also programmed. Everything acting according to it’s programming for a specific purpose. The purpose I believe is for us to continue to grow in awareness that causes us to become united. We play the role of humans being imperfect until we become perfect. Its just a story we are all taking part in whether you get ate by lion tomorrow or become the president the next day. We are all just playing our part that contributes to the history of humans and the universe. We will reach a point of perfection because the end goal for imperfect is to be perfect. And this is all happening perfectly according the universe. Even if you make a mistake, don’t feel bad, that mistake was programmed. Just do your best and stay on the side of positivity… hopefully your programmed for it.

    1. Giorgio Lo Cicero

      Hi Aaron. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We travel in the field of theories, of course, as indeed 99% of Science.
      It is possible that the purpose of existing does not necessarily have to follow our logic and, for this reason, this purpose may be incomprehensible to us.
      Like our dreams. The characters of our dreams probably at that moment, do not know they are the projection of our mind and perhaps they think about the purpose of their existence too.
      I believe that the only thing we can (perhaps) do is accept everything that happens as inevitable and totally independent of us. Perhaps acceptance or non-acceptance is the only free will we have but it is not said that even that does not depend on a “program” and has not already been written or even happened and that, simply, we are perceiving it late.

      1. I agree, is it freewill we have or an illusion of freewill? I do believe it’s an illusion as in not being 100% freewill. I have the freewill to accept reality as it is but if I do it was already programmed or set for me to accept reality as it is. If I don’t then it was all ready set or programmed for me to not to accept reality as it is. Whatever we do tomorrow we were all ready set to do. I’m still understanding as I go. The simple question why do we exist? There’s only 2 answers, it’s either for something or for nothing. If it’s for nothing then life is meaningless and the universe and humanity all exist for nothing. Which means what we feel doesn’t matter. But if our existence has meaning then that means this process we are in concerning the universe and humanity was all set to happen and is happen for a purpose and that purpose has to lead to a bigger picture where everyone is happy. Hopefully we are mathematical the same as numbers…the fact that the number 1 exist means that the number 2 has to exist and the fact that number 2 exist means that the number 3 has to exist and so on. The fact that the universe exist means we exist, and the fact that we exist means life has to have meaning in the end. Well I hope the mathmathics are that I enjoyed your feedback and appreciate your input and theories. Hopefully mines helped anyone who’s interested in all of this. Hopefully someday we will all know what it is we want to know.

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