Perceiving Life


“Reality” is the simple mental projection of our perception

Perception and mental processing also depend on the physical conditions in which we find ourselves and on our open-mindedness. Physical activity, outdoor activities, meditation, diet and even the re-evaluation of the perception of loneliness and suffering and their consequent reconsideration as resources, they can significantly alter our Subjective reality.

Open Mindedness

Thoughts on Life, the perception of it, personal goals … a long journey in search of the meaning of life and human behavior (Photo: Natasha Connell)

Life Style

The lifestyle we lead is extremely important for our mental balance. The search for the most suitable for us to be able to stay healthy  as long as possible. Here is my personal experience. (Photo: Giorgio Lo Cicero)


Let’s try to understand why we feel alone and try to consider the solitdine as a very important resource for our personal growth. Changing the way we perceive loneliness can radically change our life.(Photo: Giorgio Lo Cicero) 


Who has never lost someone? I, among many others, have lost my wife. Mourning is a passage that we have faced or we will all face sooner or later. Let’s try to learn to change the perception of Grief.
(Photo: Giorgio Lo Cicero)


The disease is the result of the resistance of our body to a change  Let’s try to understand how we can change our perception and how it can help us.
(Photo: Giorgio Lo Cicero)

The Long Journey into the Perception of the Universe

"The Big Bang is related to Consciousness ... It all begins when we become aware of ourselves and what surrounds us"
Giorgio Lo Cicero

Perceiving U - Perceiving the Universe

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