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The original blog is written in Italian. I tried to translate it in English to spread my way to think
Photo Composition Giorgio Lo Cicero Photography Permanent Exhibition - Galleria Fotografica On this page you will find some photos composed
Long Exposure Photography Giorgio Lo Cicero - Photography Permanent Exhibition - Galleria Fotografica Long exposure photography brings me closer to
More Photos Giorgio Lo Cicero - Photography Permanent Exhibition - Galleria Fotografica I don't always photograph with a fixed theme.
Human Behaviour Giorgio lo Cicero - Photography Permanent Exhibition - Galleria Fotografica Human behavior in its forms and manifestations. How
Surreal Photography Giorgio Lo Cicero - Photography Permanent Exhibition - Galleria Fotografica Through Surrealism I express what I perceive by
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Covid 19: Final Thoughts on a Colossal Farce

The worst virus there is the Virus of manipulation and annihilation of personal freedom. There is no better way to ...
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Covid 19 (Coronavirus): Medias Terrorism and Mass Manipulation

Before giving space to Coronavirus and what is happening in the world, it would be good to do a little ...
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We are Slaves of the Ego and we create Egocentric Systems

I began to analyze Consciousness and somehow I defined it as "the attitude that makes us perceive the Universe and ...
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Free Will: an Invention of the Ego

The question of whether or not there is "Free Arbitration" concerns one of the most important existential issues and which, ...
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What is Consciousness?

First of all, how could we define Consciousness? I would say that Consciousness is the attitude that makes us perceive ...
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Photographing in Zuberec (Slovakia)

03-07 Febuary 2020 (4 nights) Zuberec is a small village with around 1800 inhabitants in northern Slovakia. It is located at ...
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Conspiracy Theory explained through Conscious Consciousness

If we accept the fact (irrefutable through objective evidence) that the Universe around us is a "processing" of Conscious Consciousness, ...
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Death makes us free …

According to the Integrated Information Theory of Giulio Tononi (internationally renowned neuroscientist), Consciousness is the result of an effective "communication" ...
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Commemorating does not reduce hatred. On the contrary, it can even increase it.

The "external" world is the reflection of our mental processes. Everything that happens "outside" actually happens within us. We could ...
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Photographing in Riga

Riga is a very pretty city. We stayed from 18 to 25 January. The weather was fair. Not particularly cold ...
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The Illusion of Meritocracy

From birth, like brainwashing, we are constantly told that if we study we will find a good job and the ...
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Do we live the Present or the Past? Is the Present real? Do we live events that have already happened

What makes us think that every moment we perceive is actually and objectively happening at the exact moment when our ...
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Consciousness creates matter. Can the alteration of Consciousness change human nature and the Universe surrounding it?

The Universe that we perceive (generically observe) is the result of conscious awareness. We are able to "observe" the "external" ...
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Origins of the Universe: the Useless Search

"If you try to understand the whole universe, you won't understand anything. If you try to understand yourself, you will ...
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The Disinformation of Multi Information

In the name of the "Maximum expression of Free Thought" today we are faced with a very large number of ...
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Universal Consciousness and Multiple Personalities

The singular and at the same time funny thing is how traditional Science (let's say materialistic Physics rather than Quantum) ...
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Real-life and virtual life. Are they different?

Have you ever thought about the fact that what you see is simply the result of a mental elaboration? One ...
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A day in Krakow

Traveling is always exciting for me. I love changes in any form. Traveling brings me to meet new people, observe ...
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