Giorgio Lo Cicero

Photography and Thoughts


Is there anything outside of our “Consciousness”?

The name PerceivingU was chosen because in English the pronunciation of “U” (in Italian the U) coincides with that of “YOU” (in Italian Tu / Voi). Perceiving the Universe is Perceiving ourselves. You are Your Universe.

The “Big Bang” is nothing other than the taking of Consciousness, through Perception, of Ourselves and the Universe that surrounds us. To date, no one is able to demonstrate that there is a “real” world outside of our Consciousness (which many tend to think is a product of the mind)

Ever since I was a child I have always had the dilemma of how I perceived myself and why I had the Consciousness of my personal “I”. Put simply, I’ve always wondered why “I” feels like “I” and not another being. From this dilemma my research was born …

Giorgio Lo Cicero

I was born in Sicily but I have always lived traveling. Probably this continuous travel reflects my continuous search for answers to the questions on Consciousness and Perception. I consider myself a “Citizen of the World” and consider borders and any type of barrier as one of the greatest human weaknesses, the result of the inability to be able to integrate peacefully and without friction.

Photography has always been my passion and, through it, I try to represent what I perceive in the way I perceive it.

Perchè questo sito web

To face and document a long introspective journey in search of the meaning and power of Consciousness and Perception, key elements to be able to change the way we see things.