Universal Consciousness and Multiple Personalities

The singular and at the same time funny thing is how traditional Science (let’s say materialistic Physics rather than Quantum) has logical limits beyond which it cannot go.

As repeatedly stated, there is no scientist in the world who can prove objectively and absolutely that there is a universe external to our mind. It just isn’t possible. To the point that, for example, it is impossible to demonstrate to a Solipsist that what he sees is not a simple mental projection. In fact … strictly speaking, we could not be sure of it either. However, we like to believe in an objective universe and we have certified its existence, albeit only with circumstantial evidence.

Our limit is sanctioned precisely by our mind and our logical approach.

(Vita “Reale” e vita “Virtuale” sono differenti?)¬†

Our logic requires us to believe in Origin. Our logic collapses when we hypothesize an “Origin” and then wonder what was there before. The loop thus becomes infinite. We go in a desperate search for the “Big Bang” and then … on the day a theory is found that you try to explain it, (yes, because we can only continue to formulate infinite theories), we will ask ourselves what created the Big Bang and, therefore … whatever created it will presuppose a “before the Big Bang” … and the infinite search for the Big Bang of the Big Bang will start again … ūüôā¬† (Il Big Bang ha origine ogni volta che prendiamo Coscienza )¬†

I believe that the most sustainable theories are that of Simulation (i.e. of a Universe Programmed by someone and which is like a Videogame) and that of Biocentrism, formulated by Robert Lanza (that is, of a subjective Universe that is born when we take Conscious Consciousness) 

Each of us dreams and in dreams personifies different roles … creates multiple characters and settings. Our personality has myriads of different facets and, depending on the occasion, we show one or another. We have established that the dream is not real but this is simply a key to understanding. The dream has no temporal continuity and therefore it was decided that it is not real.(Vita “Reale” e vita “Virtuale” sono differenti? )

We can be nice, unpleasant, shy, extroverted… Our unconscious and our subconscious are populated by millions of facets.

We can, therefore, think that in the instant in which we become aware of ourselves (Big Bang), the Universal Conscious Consciousness develops. So let’s create our parents (and not the other way around) and everything around us. The friend is the part of ourselves that we like, the lover the part of ourselves that we love, the enemy the part of ourselves with which we are in conflict and so on … The “external” world therefore, it is simply a reflection of the innumerable facets of our “I” … Let’s say we have an indefinite number of multiple personalities.

The violent father will be the projection of an altered mental state in a certain way that will generate that type of figure. The loving father will simply be a different mental state that will create a different character.

Yes, but how many characters could we create in our subjective universe?

7 BILLION? (how many would be the inhabitants of the Earth?) The point is that we, at the most, will have interaction with a few thousand individuals, and never with all at the same instant because, probably, we are not able to make such powerful mental elaborations … (what could be the reflection of our “personalities”) All the rest will be simply represented … We know that there are 1.4 billion inhabitants in China but this is simply information created in our mind. We will never see them all … our mind will not “render” them (it does not shape them) …. simple information remains.

This could be one of the reasons why if we learn to love ourselves and if we are at peace with ourselves, the people “around” us will also be better. This is why if we are positive, we will “attract” positive people and, of course, vice versa.

We could, therefore, be simple neurons that take Conscious Consciousness and give origin (Big Bang) to their Universe made of beliefs and projections, just like the “Multiple Personality Disorder” … nothing objective, therefore. We can imagine going to the Moon or believing that the Moon is made of Cheese, we can imagine going or not … we can imagine that the Earth is a geode or that it is flat … To fight or make love …It matters little. The surrounding Universe will always and only be a projection of our mind.

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Photo Editing and Composition: Giorgio Lo Cicero