Photographing in Riga

Riga is a very pretty city. We stayed from 18 to 25 January. The weather was fair. Not particularly cold but humid and windy. The temperature, on average, was + 3C °. Sunrise was at 08:44 in the morning and sunset at 16:22.

A clean city where you can still feel the atmosphere left by communism. Very interesting, by the way, was the visit to the KGB museum (The Corner House). A place that is part of modern history. The atmosphere inside is surreal. Worth visiting. The former headquarters of the KGB where dissidents were interrogated and possibly killed. The moment you open the door to enter it is like going back to the past. The Corner House, built-in 1912, first came into the hands of the Nazis and then, in 1940 it became the seat of the Soviet KGB. In this place, there are the prisons in which those accused of espionage or political crimes were locked up. Entry to prisons costs € 10 but is well worth it. Our guide was a prepared and very helpful young man. Rinhald. The tour of the cells, kitchens, interrogation rooms, etc. lasted over 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Some pictures of the Corner House in Riga. Former prison and seat of the Soviet KGB.

To photograph sunrises and sunsets you also need a bit of luck. Dawn in Riga at this time is at 8:44 in the morning so you don’t have to go out too early. The house where we were staying was about a 15-minute walk from the center. I like sunrises more because they usually show a city that is starting to wake up. The people who go to work, the trams and buses full of people, the smell of the bakers’ wood. Sunsets are equally beautiful but generally crowded.


Some pictures of Sunrise and Sunset in Riga

Riga is a very nice city and offers many photographic ideas. Just walk through its streets and open your eyes and heart well

But be careful if you take pictures near Parliament. I was stopped by 3 policemen who asked me for documents because I was photographing near the Parliament in Riga. 🙂

The visual perception of places, if accompanied by the smells and flavors it offers, makes us immerse ourselves even more deeply in an absolutely pleasant sensorial ocean.

Among the many places, we visited for our breakfasts, snacks, and dinners I mention a few. All with Internet Free.

Rits (Restaurant. Not cheap but definitely very good)

Lido : There are many. It is a chain. You spend little and eat fairly well. It is buffet style but very varied.

Tokio City : A large restaurant with Asian food but not only. Good prices (not like Lido but still good) and a great variety of choices.

Rama : Hare Krishna cuisine. Very cheap . The staff are not so smiling but well worth the effort. The restaurant is simple but the food is good and cheap.

Apsara Tea House : If you want to relax, even lie down, and take a tea with some pastry

Martina’s Backery: A good baker. It has no table service but it is cheap. However, it also has Internet Free


another fairly inexpensive form with tables and Free Internet. Good apple strudel.

Riga is not very “Gluten Freee Friendly”. I can however point out:

BakeBerry: Cafe in the center with many tables, Free Internet and some Gluten Free options. Not very cheap

Bezglutena: All without gluten. A little out of the center. Fairly cheap

Muffins a More: Not very smiling staff but good Gluten Free options.

Photos Credits: Giorgio Lo Cicero photography