Death makes us free …

According to the Integrated Information Theory of Giulio Tononi (internationally renowned neuroscientist), Consciousness is the result of an effective “communication” process between a large number of elements.

In the future we will also be able to discuss the topic of Consciousness more in-depth. However, it should be noted that today nobody knows exactly what it is and why it is formed. Any study done only leads to theories, exactly like the studies that refer to the Universe.

For this reason, too, I am led to equate the perceived universe with Conscious Consciousness. There can be no Universe if it is not consciously perceived and awareness causes subjective experience whose privacy cannot be probed

A question that became a classic of the philosophy of the mind was asked by the philosopher Thomas Nagel, just to underline what I have just written before: “what does it feel like to be a bat?”

Consciousness, therefore, is like a “golden prison” that creates its own universe. Each of us is a conscious Consciousness (in its own right or part of a Universal Consciousness) that creates a Universe with its rules with its colors, with its smells … We are enclosed within a “Conscious System” in what we could be the same “Conscious System” (ourselves) that creates diseases, laws, convictions, wars, disasters … A little like in the film “The touch of the Medusa” in which a man was voluntarily responsible (or involuntary) of disasters he created through his thoughts. Our conscious Consciousness could function in a similar way.

It doesn’t matter if Consciousness created itself or if it was created.

“Death” would, therefore, be the very end of this Conscious Consciousness and the liberation from it. Any experience limited and subordinated to conscious experience would end. We would no longer be slaves to it and could go back to being “volatile” and free “matter” no longer imprisoned according to “codes” and “rules”.

We tend to see Death as the end while we should learn to see it as the beginning of a free path. The return to freedom. Changing our perception of it simply depends on us and no one else.

To use a metaphor, imagine that you are locked up inside your brain. Open your eyes and observe a world that is within it. Whatever you see, touch or listen belongs to your brain.

When you dream, however, part of your brain is not active and, for this reason, sometimes you can fly, break the space-time barriers … you can do things that then when the brain “wakes up” and starts “functioning” again normally you won’t be able to do anymore. The death of the brain could, for this reason, lead to a return to being like in dreams, an integral part of the Universe itself … to be everything and everyone at the same instant. A universe in which space and time do not exist but there simply exists the feeling of “being”.

There would be no good or bad, the rules, the laws … as all this is the simple result of subjective reality and that has nothing to do with objective reality.

If we learned to see Death in this way, we would begin to perceive it as a liberation. My mother always tells me that “death is the most beautiful thing in life!”

To die in order to really start living and to come out of a system created by the conscious Consciousness that separates us from the rest of the Universe and declares us as separate and detached beings from what surrounds us.

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