Conspiracy Theory explained through Conscious Consciousness

If we accept the fact (irrefutable through objective evidence) that the Universe around us is a “processing” of Conscious Consciousness, we will begin to reason about certain phenomena differently from common logic.

There are events that seem designed by “intelligent” minds and which cannot be random.

“Conspiracy” therefore seems to be the only way to explain certain situations.

The “New World Order”, for example. A group of rich and powerful men who come together time after time to rule the world and transform it as they please.

A group of men who decide to cover certain stories without making anything to emerge. The False Moon landing, Kennedy’s death, the 9/11 terrorist attack, etc. etc. without coming out any “leaks” even after many years.

To think that a group of people get together to decide the fate of the world, given that, however, due to human nature, agreements without discrepancies are impossible, in my opinion, it is extremely unlikely … unless … that group of “people” is also the result of the Conscious Consciousness itself. 

When we dream, thousands of images pass through our mind. Like a film without rules and whose direction does not depend on us. In which everything is possible and everything takes on meaning for the simple reason of happening.

Space/ time barriers disappear and although, once “awake”, we do not find any plausible logic for certain events that occurred, at the moment of the dream, everything has its “logic” and nothing seems improbable to us. It all seems designed in a certain way and certain situations that would be dystopian once “awake”, when we dream of them appear realistic.

It matters little if the universe we live in and also ourselves are simply the result of a program. In the end, the Conscious Consciousness will create our “reality” and therefore we will live it as an objective and modifiable reality (although it will only be subjective, we will not be able to modify it as it has already been programmed)

Consciousness, therefore, will tend to create the universe around us. Anything will have a “plausible explanation” (the one we decide) and many events that are extremely complex for us to “witness” cannot be justified except by the fact that they must, necessarily, have been made by “intelligent” minds. (Conspiracy)

The universe so complex made up of billions of stars and planets and in one of these (the Earth) life is born and we are born. Over 200 parameters necessary to give rise to a Universe as we observe it that can coincide and that, therefore, cannot be the result of chance but must be the result of an “intelligent mind” to which the religious will attribute the chosen names. ( There are over 200 parameters that had to be respected to give rise to the Solar System and the Universe as they are today (and therefore also to give rise to our “life”)

The appearance of a Virus in one place and then, a few days later, in another located in the opposite part of the planet may, for example, lead to thinking that it may have been created by a Pharmaceutical company to bill more or that it is the result of a terrorist attack … Justifications which, therefore, imply an intelligent action organized by “someone”.

The fact that at more or less constant intervals there are wars or rebellions on Earth will lead us to think, for example, that rulers and arms manufacturers agree to trigger social insurrections.

Globalization which seems almost created at the table by a group of powerful capitalists with the help of great sociologists for the creation of a global economic system.

The point is that the Conscious Consciousness creates us and our Universe could function randomly (Random), just like in dreams. Here then in times, which for us are huge but which in reality could be fractions of a second (given the relativity of time), events are created which, for our logic, can only be the result of an intelligent mind and in fact, it is so in that it is the Conscious Consciousness itself that determines them.

What then to say about those inventions or discoveries made by multiple independent scholars who, in different places on the planet, come to the same conclusions in the same period of time?

Multiple discovery is the hypothesis that most scientific breakthroughs are made more or less independently and simultaneously by multiple
researchers. Test cases include the concurrent invention of calculus by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz and the development of identical theories
of natural selection by Charles Darwin and Arthur Russel Wallace. The telescope, the steam vessel, color photography, and a great number of other
inventions are credited to multiple, independent researchers.. (Two of a Kind: Multiple Discovery AKA Simultaneous Invention is the Rule

Coincidences or simply the result of an “intelligent mind” who enjoys creating similar random events in different parts of the planet? (The same Conscious Consciousness that creates us and the world around us)

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If the Theory that the “Objective All” is created by Conscious Consciousness were true, the “Conspiracy Theory” would also be real in the sense that certain events whose occurrence would be inexplicable (if it was not attributable to an intelligent mind), are precisely created from an “Intelligent mind” which is called Conscious Consciousness and which, as in dreams, creates an infinite number of events that in our subjective reality could not find an explanation that would make them plausible and logical. (How, moreover, in dreams, it is logical any event to happen)

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