Photographing in Zuberec (Slovakia)

03-07 Febuary 2020 (4 nights) 

Zuberec is a small village with around 1800 inhabitants in northern Slovakia. It is located at 760 meters above sea level. It is a very peaceful village. It is possible to practice cross-country skiing, trekking and downhill skiing (although the ski facilities are small)

It is a very peaceful place where it is easy to relax in contact with nature. There are also many niches where you can eat cheaply. Also 2 small supermarkets. We went to relax and be in contact with nature

I went around taking some pictures of the town and the snow. Taking pictures of the snow is fun.

Snow makes everything “softer” and quieter. During the snowfall Zuberec (the village) seemed deserted. Nobody was on the street. Just me and the silence. I love this peaceful situation very much. Here are some photo shots were taken during these 4 days spent in Zuberec.


We had our dinners in these places:

Bagettka: Very nice and somewhat atypical place. Inexpensive and also with gluten-free options.(4.5 Stars)

Stará Krčma: Nice place even if the portions are a bit small. Food is okay but nothing special.(3 Stars) 

Pizza Uno: Pizzeria (but not only) nice. The environment isn’t particularly nice but the service is friendly. The pizza, considering Slovakia’s standards, is decent and the rest of the food. The prices are good (4,5 stars) 

Kýčer Burger: Above all, it is a place for Hamburgers. Sandwiches are good and well cared for. Average prices. € 6 for a complete sandwich. Friendly service and nice environment.  (4,5 Stars) 

This winter is quite atypical and is warmer and less snowy than past winters. It rained when we arrived but then, luckily, the rain turned to snow and everything became more beautiful.

Here is a small video. The video says “January” but, in reality, the video is from February (February). Small transcription error of the title 🙂 Have a good vision and Happy Relax …