Covid 19: Final Thoughts on a Colossal Farce

The worst virus there is the Virus  of manipulation and annihilation of personal freedom. There is no better way to manipulate than by instilling fear and breaking up the social fabric.

After more than 2 months of observation of numbers, data, official and independent research and testimonies,  I cannot fail to detect the profound contradictions, discrepancies and anomalies that have emerged.

The mass discovered, suddenly, that flu  can “kill” and this “news” shocked people and made them panic.

“Bulletins of death”, every day at about 6 pm, in Italy, every day, never made for the 650,000 annual deaths, about 1800 per day, which occur every year in Italy. No direct confrontation between virologists or scientists who claim that COVID is not so much more dangerous than a common Influenza (or who show different realities) and official virologists who say otherwise. As if there were 2 divergent medicines.

It seems that the truth is only on one side and this goes against any code of ethics of science.

During Nazism, the “scientific truth” was only that of the regime and claimed that there were superior and inferior races and no theory that contradicted the official one was accepted. Today anyone who goes against officialism is marked as a “conspiracy” and, at best, is marginalized.

Of the economic reasons first of all and Social secondly that led the governments to exploit COVID I have already written abundantly in the past posts (In Italian) Let’s look at the consequences of this colossal farce.

A sort of globalization of control has come about. Even countries like India, with 7,000 starvation deaths per day, coercive measures have been introduced for less than 8 deaths attributed to COVID per day, which are causing more deaths than those attributed to COVID himself!

In countries like the USA, just the symptoms are enough to be able to attribute the deaths to COVID without the obligation to carry out a test. Almost all governments have taken advantage of the situation to implement suppressive and restrictive measures. Even the “military machine” was started. Drones to control people’s movements and applications are being studied to increase their control. Always with the excuse of security, of course.

The immense discrepancies in mortality and case histories  are of “little importance”. The mass does not like to investigate. They prefer to blindly rely on official data and it doesn’t matter if they come from a policy that has given ample proof of not being ethically intact.

The discrepancy of data with other countries and oddities

Don’t forget that up to 650,000 people die every year (WHO) from respiratory infections related to the common flu. At the moment, in Covid’s year, April 26, 2020, 205,000 have been confirmed. This means that 450,000 are still missing. Yet this is the first year that a “Mortuary Report” is made daily!

Italy. Despite 2 months of quarantine, it recorded the second largest number of deaths attributed to COVID (it being understood that 97% of them concern people with various previous pathologies) Many countries that have not taken the same measures have not had any type of emergency. The demonstration that quarantine has served no purpose other than to destroy the social and economic fabric of the country. Out of 210 countries infected, only 17 reported over 1000 deaths (April 26, 2020)

CHINA – From 18 March 2020 to 16 April 2020 in China, on average, attributed to COVID, there were about 8 new deaths per day. Suddenly, there were 1300 deaths between April 16 and April 17. In just 1 day. What happened? Has a hospital collapsed or has the WHO called China saying they have to increase the number of deaths reported to be consistent with everyone? In reality, they justified the fact with the change of the detection system! The “comical” thing is that from April 17 to April 26, China has no longer detected any new deaths! 

In the USA, the hospital receives $ 5,000 for pneumonia hospitalization, but if diagnosed as COVID, it receives $ 13,000. If the patient goes to Intensive $ 39,000 (USA Today)

in New Zealand, the first cases recorded on February 28th. After 56 days (April 25) they have only 18 deaths and no health emergencies. In Italy after 56 days, on March 27, the system was in a state of emergency and 9,134 deaths were recorded!

in Japan, a country with 127 million inhabitants and a very high density (therefore much more chance of infection) on April 25 there are only 334 deaths (and the first infection dates back to January 20, before Italy!) (WHO) while in Italy with 60 million inhabitants and Quarantine on April 25 there are 26,334 dead!

In Australia, the first cases registered on January 29, as in Italy, and on April 25 there are 79 deaths. In Italy, on April 25 there were 26,334 deaths!

in India (and you know the hygienic conditions of India) with 1.4 billion inhabitants (first infected on January 14!) on April 25 there are only 775 dead! – they say they were quarantined on April 5 … so very late … I don’t know how, since there are many homeless people. The deaths attributed to COVID increased more after the Quarantine !! More people die from coercion to Quarantine them than from COVID! But the biggest paradox is that in the face of 775 deaths attributable to COVID in over 3 months, every day, on average, 7,000 people die from hunger in India !! ( … but for that they don’t take measures! 775 COVID deaths (maybe !!) versus 700,000 starvation in the same period!

Sweden: No quarantine. 10 million inhabitants. On April 25 there are 2,152 deaths. (0.02% of the total population). In Italy with more than 2 months of quarantine 26,334 deaths (0.04% of the total population) If the Quarantine had really taken effect in Sweden, there would have been at least 4 times the current deaths, according to the projections of the so-called experts, and instead, they are registering proportionally far fewer deaths

Yet the media have lingered and continue to dwell only on the countries that show the worst “disasters”. But the fault is never the policy that has neglected health care and squandered public money, the fault is always and only COVID and to suffer the consequences must be the people. For example, no politician, in solidarity, has drastically reduced his salary.

Economic and social consequences

The people have always been flocks. For definition.

They need leaders and are unable to manage themselves. This makes them extremely manipulable and, consequently, vulnerable. What makes things worse is everyone’s belief that they are doing the right thing by following the rules. In the mass manipulated by the media bombing, rational analysis disappears. Cognitive ability is annihilated. The flock begins to believe that the correct information is only the official one. Continuous brainwashing that starts from the authoritarian government and is amplified by social media that make themselves bearers of truth and self-proclaim censors of what they judge as “lies” (ie anything that is contrary to the thought imposed by the authoritarian government ).

Listen to official news ONLY. Be wary of any independent information channel. The truth comes ONLY from the government and those who are pro-government. Censoring, Radiating, Condemning those who carry forward alternative thoughts to the official one.

Aren’t you afraid of this? I believe that COVID is nothing compared to the manipulative and coercive monster that was created thanks to COVID

We have seen what are the links between Pharmaceutical Companies, pro-vaccine “Humanitarian” organizations (I remind you that there is no 100% safe vaccine and for this reason, the pharmaceuticals cannot be condemned for even the most serious side effects, which they may provoke!) and governments. 

I have seen a submissive people. A people who for fear of a “virus” whose danger is absolutely questionable has been put in check. They passively accepted “house arrest” for 2 months In Italy). They agreed to be indebted (public debt) enormously. They agreed to be fined for the simple fact of getting some air outdoors. They agreed to be deprived of nature, the sun, freedom. They agreed to see the military under his house. They agreed to get the economy on his knees and even to pay for it. They accepted the fact that there is only ONE truth and that all others are “conspiracy”. Will they also accept mandatory unnecessary and dangerous vaccines whose safety cannot be certified? Will you accept the microchip inside your body? Will you agree to be tracked 24 hours a day in the name of “security” and therefore lose the last glimmer of freedom you had?

Do we really want to annihilate our thinking ability and passively accept any decision that could irreparably alter our life and that of our children, without them being examined by all of us? Do we want to continue being flocked to the point of no return?