Anti Social Media

Collective Intelligence is easily Manipulated ... Social Media alters our Perception of Reality through filters that belong to billionaire multinationals that get rich by exploiting our data and information about us.

PerceivingU sceglie di non seguire i social media

I realize that it is a choice that will penalize us in terms of visits but we address ourselves to those who want to grow independently.

Observe an individual taken individually … The most peaceful and / or most intelligent individual in the world … Then place him in the midst of a mass (in a stadium, at a concert, at a rally) … his behavior will be very different from the behavior he would have had in solitude …

Social Media is bringing out the worst in humans … through constant media manipulation. Filters and Algorithms highlight or block news and information according to the interests of the managers who are multinationals whose primary purpose is to invoice and make profits. Being part of the mass of social media means being inside a cauldron in which, through the alteration of information, the masses are manipulated with extreme ease. We are for the free thought and the exaltation of an Individual Consciousness that integrates perfectly, Independently and Peacefully with the Universe that surrounds it and that does not make univocal decisions through extremely manipulated information … whose constant violation of our rights is “punished” with a simple fine (which they can easily pay) and which gives them the right to continue …

We are for FREE (really) THOUGHT. This blog is for those who don’t want to be manipulated by such characters …

Social Media is flattening our personality. They are Globalizing and standardizing the way of communicating and thinking … They are transforming us into simple “Terminals” of a Global Server that gives us the illusion of being free through a slow and subtle manipulation to which the mass tends to get used without realizing it .

For this reason I decided to eliminate the "Share" button on Social Media. You can freely share the contents by copying the links and sending them by email, by word of mouth as you prefer ... We reconstruct true social relationships that do not need followers or thousands of "friends"

We rebuild a Real Social world that is not part of a Cauldron in which Intelligence is constantly manipulated.

Why this website

To face and document a long introspective journey in search of the meaning and power of Consciousness and Perception, key elements to be able to change the way we see things.


Main Photo: Photo by Nicholas Green  Edited by: Giorgio Lo Cicero