The original blog is written in Italian. I tried to translate it in English to spread my way to think to anyone wants to see the world in a different way. Thanks for reading and sorry for the translation mistakes you’ll find.

The Perception of the Universe manifested through Photography and the expression of it through the mental elaborations. Any form of art and, in general, any attempt at representation, is an act of identifying and shaping a merely subjective reality. There is no objective reality. There are only infinite and changing subjective realities.

Giorgio Lo Cicero

Perceiving the universe

Photographs and words to shape “Reality”

A long introspective journey to try to get to know ourselves. A path that helps us to reach our goals through the remodeling of our lifestyle and our mind. Among the topics: The perception of: Loneliness, Mourning, Illness, Sadness, Dissatisfaction and how this can be reconsidered through an open mind and a different lifestyle.

Open your mind to have a better world.

There is no absolute good or evil. There are simply ways to perceive, process and create our personal reality.(Giloc)

Perception of events and open-mindedness

Reality is a projection of the "mind". Photography sparkles the instant

Any observed object or event can appear to us in multiple ways.

The eyes are simply a detector, the mind processes information

The eyes detect but the "mind" processes. A simple pair of glasses can change the way you see things.

Perception manifested through photography

Photography has always been my passion. It is through it that I try to portray my personal reality.

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